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Solar Panels Lifespan

Solar Panels Lifespan

Understand the Solar Panels Lifespan

The most basic question everyone who is looking for a solar solution asks is ahow long solar panels last. or Solar Panels Lifespan. It’s a very important question because it helps the consumer to understand how much time they will be able to cover up their investment in solar energy.


What is the lifespan of solar panels?

Solar panels on average last for about 25-28 years under ideal conditions. But do not think that after 25-28 years, it will stop producing electricity. As long as the cells in the panels are intact, they will keep on producing electricity. But their efficiency will be decreased and their energy production rate will decline by a significant value.

More than 90% of solar panels get damaged because of external force. Solar panels do not have any moving parts so they rarely break from within.


Let’s understand what Solar Panel Degradation is.

As per the technical analysis, it is found that solar panel output goes down by 0.8% by every year on average. This is called the solar panel degradation rate. But you need to understand that this degradation rate varies from brand to brand. If you are using a solar panel of Grade A of the highest efficiency then this degradation will be around 0.3%.

Day by day, the solar degradation rate is improving which is further increasing the lifespan of the solar panels.

To understand the importance of this degradation rate, let’s take the example of 0.8% degradation. By the 2nd year, your panel’s output will be 99.2% and by end of 25 years, that output will be decreased to 82.5%.

If you will use a solar panel with a degradation rate of 0.5%, after 25 years, the output of that panel will be around 87.5%. This is how you understand the importance of solar panel degradation and how it impacts the solar panels.


Warranties offered by Panel Manufacturer

There are 2 types of warranties offered by solar panel manufacturers. 1st is the equipment warranty to ensure any manufacturing damage solar panels have. 2ndly the performance warranty ensures that the solar panel will produce a certain amount of electricity.

If your solar panel lasts for 25 years without any external damage, your energy payback time will be very easily covered. If we talk about the on-grid system, the payback time is around 5-8 years. While in the case of an off-grid system, this payback period is in between 10-15 years. Now you can understand how solar panels will recover your investment.

How can you make your solar panel last longer?

Solar panels are extremely durable. They go through some extreme tests before coming up in the market. They have tested against the wind the temperature variation.

There are certain ways that you can as a consumer can use to ensure that your solar panels will last longer.

  1. Strong mounting structure

Solar panels’ lifespan also depends upon the type of solar structure are you using. If the mounting structure is not strong enough, then a storm can damage your panel by tearing it out from the place it is installed.

2. Getting it installed with a reliable solar installer.

Solar panels last for 20-25 years but not every solar company lasts that long. So get it installed with the company which you think is going to last at least to that time.

3. Clean your solar panels regularly.

Dust on the solar panel decreases the output of the solar panels and over the period if solar panels are not cleaned properly, micro dust particles get settled on the solar cells and they decrease their efficiency.

4. Prevent solar Panels from physical damage.

One of the simplest ways to prevent physical damage to solar panels is to install them in a secure location, such as on a roof or in a fenced-in area. This can help to minimize the risk of damage from falling objects or vandalism.

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