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Rajasthan Solar Subsidy

Rajasthan Solar Subsidy

The Government supported Phase II of the Grid Connected Rooftop and Small Solar Power Plants Program” in 2019 for accomplishing a total limit of 40 GW RTS plants. The program accommodates Central Financial Assistance (CFA) for the family proprietor and Group Housing Societies to set up RTS on the roof of their home/private grounds. DISCOMS ought to establish client agreeable climate by making empowering arrangements in their guidelines and the smooth endorsement process expected for RTS.

CFA (Central Financial Assistance) Subsidy:

The CFA has been rebuilt and higher CFA up to 40% will be surrendered for RTS frameworks to 3 kW limits. For RTS frameworks of limit over 3 kW and up to 10 kW, the CFA of 40% would be pertinent just for the initial 3 kW limit and for limit over 3 kW the CFA would be restricted to 20 %. The private area clients might introduce RTS plant of much higher limit according to their prerequisite and the individual SERC guideline; be that as it may, the CFA would be restricted for an initial 10 kW limit RTS plant.


What is the limit dispensed to Rajasthan Solar Subsidy?

The complete limit allotment for Rajasthan state for the current Year 2022 is 55 MW (25 MW-JVVNL, 15 MW-AVVNL, IS MW-JAVVNL).

What number of individuals get benefitted of the endowment conspire?

Approx. 9000 Nos. of families will get helped by the plan. 4000 from JVVNL, 2500 from AVVNL, and 2500 from JdVVNI..

Who is Eligible for Rajasthan Solar Subsidy Scheme?

Every single private shopper is qualified for the sponsorship conspire.

What is the method to apply for the Rajasthan Solar Subsidy Scheme?

The buyers who need to introduce the sun-oriented project under the endowment plan and might contact any of the “EMPENALLED VENDORS” to introduce the Solar venture in their homes. Recipients can profit the sponsorship benefit provided that the task is introduced through the impaneled seller. The bound-together online interface will be sent by Discoms soon and the recipient can apply straightforwardly through the entry after its conveyed.

Where might one at any point get the rundown of empanelled merchants?

Merchants have been empanelled by AVVNL and the rundown can be downloaded from the authority site of Ajmer DISCOM or back site.

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