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Gujarat Solar Subsidy

Gujarat Solar Subsidy

As approved by Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Ltd. (GUVNL), The Nodal Agency for carrying out the MNRE’s Phase-II of Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Scheme and Residential Rooftop Solar Subsidy Plot (Surya Gujarat Scheme) in the Gujarat State, one of DisCom of Gujarat, MGVCL (Madhya Gujarat Vij Company Ltd.), drifted tenders in the period of February’2022 for qualified bidders to take part in Request for Selection (RFS) of empanelment of sellers (EoV or EoI) for Site Survey, Plan, Installation, Supply, Erection, Testing and Commissioning including Warranty and 5 years of Comprehensive Operation and Maintenance of Roof Top Solar PV Power System for Residential Customers of Urban Area and Rural Area in the territory of Gujarat.

The Residential Rooftop Solar Subsidy is according to the rules given by the Ministry of New and Sustainable power (MNRE) for the Operational Guidelines for the execution of Phase-II (RTS Stage II) of the Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Program with the combined objective of 40 GW (40,000
MW) toward the finish of FY’2022, and out of that 4 GW (4000 MW) for Residential Rooftop establishments or on the other hand say for Residential Sector.


MGVCL / GUVNL Tender, Key Highlights of Surya Gujarat Solar RoofTop Phase II programme:

1. MGVCL drifted two isolated/various tenders for Surya Gujarat Scheme for offering a cycle of the total limit of 1000 MW (1 GW) as CAPEX model according to beneath subtleties, however not restricted to,

  • Delicate for Urban Area: 700 MW limit delicate drifted for Urban Area of Gujarat to advance and more spotlight on Urban Solar Deployment Program. DisCom Tariff Category, RGPU (Residential General Purpose – Urban) Consumers will be recipients of the Urban region limit.
  • Delicate for Rural Area: 300 MW limit delicate drifted for Rural Area of Gujarat to convey sunlight based power plant to take part “Environmentally friendly power Energy” transformation and advance Urban Solar Sending Program. DisCom Tariff Category, RGPR (Residential General Purpose – Rural) Customers will be recipients of the Rural region limit.
  • The motivation behind Two distinct tenders of Urban and Rural, to find rates through serious offering process for Urban and Rural too to advance the Solar Deployment program in Rural region and find out intrigued Empanelled Partners to take part Rural Sun based Deployment program.

2. MGVCL drifted tenders to welcome bidders to partake as Open Category and General Category,

  • Open Category Bidders are the people who don’t have related knowledge to convey Grid Associated Solar PV projects. Furthermore, they are not permitted to submit Price Bids. Open Class bidders should acknowledge L1 cost or Discovered Rate through an aggressive offering cycle to convey Grid Connected Solar PV projects. 30% of Aggregate Capacity apportioned to Open Category Bidders.
  • General Category Bidders are the individuals who are specialized and monetary qualified according to delicate terms and conditions, for example, least experience of 250 KWp in Residential Area and 1 MW as Grid associated Solar PV projects sent and Average Annual Turnover of Rs. 150 lakhs for last 3 monetary years with positive Net Worth and so on. General Class Bidders are permitted to submit cost offers for the serious offering process. 70% of Aggregate Capacity is allocated to General Category Bidders. At first, least 5% allotment to L1 Bidder, but it might increase by to 10% or more with PBG (Performance Bank Guarantee) conditions.

Apportioned Capacity for Open and General Categories might differ or express trade by allotment to one another according to organization progress to meet the objective for arrangement inside unambiguous courses of events and strategy period.

3. Bidders/Vendors registered under Gujarat State registered MSME (UDYAM Registration Certificate) with NIC code 35105 (Electric power generation using solar energy) will be exempted from the financial eligibility requirements and eligible for other benefits with an applicable declaration with UDYAM Certificate.

4. According to the delicate, Performance Bank Guarantee,

  • For Installation and Commissioning (I&C) is – PBG sum = INR (Highest rate found) per KW out of different delicate timepieces) x 3% x Allocated Capacity in KWp
  • For Operation and Maintenance (O&M) is PBG sum = INR [Rate discovered)] Per KWp x 3% x Installed Capacity in KWp.

5. Bidders/Vendors/Empanelled Partners ought to have Certified Electrical Contractors Authentication/License on the name of Bidder/Vendor and sufficient Certified Electrical Supervisors with estimation devices like Earth Testers, Insulations Testers, Multimeter and so on and so forth.

6. Delicate likewise covered insights concerning CMC (Comprehensive O&M Contract) for quite a long time, PreDispatch Inspection (PDI), PR Ratio to be kept up with to lessen sun-powered age misfortune, Standard specialized details of Solar Modules, Inverter and BoS (Balance-of-System). Sunlight-based Modules ought to be DCR (Domestic Content Requirement: Solar Cells and Solar Modules to be produced in India, Make in India) and BIS and indeed inverters ought to be BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards). Reasonable Inverter AC limit ought to be equivalent to Solar Modules DC Limit with +15% and – 10% resistance. Suggestions for MMS (Module Mounting Structure) Materials and Structural Design likewise gave in delicate by utilizing of C Channel and C Lip Sections.

7. Administration Center ought to be accessible with Spare Parts and Skill prepared staff/professionals from Empanelled Agency at Installed DisCom Area.

8. Punishment statement on a piece of loss of Solar Generation through PR computation and other Penalty provisions referenced as part deferred activities and mal-capability rehearses.

9. Warning Payment Stages from Consumer/Owner to Empanelled Agency/seller has been proposed/suggested in delicate as Net Amount of Project Cost (Total Project Cost – Subsidy Sum) to be paid as following Pay-out Schedule,

  • 20% installment ahead of time subsequent to consenting to interest arrangement.
  • 20% installment after the establishment of design.
  • 20% installment after the establishment of SPV modules and inverters at the site.
  • 20% installment in the wake of finishing plant establishment including net-metering and accommodation of composed examination solicitation to the executing office.
  • Last 20% installment in the wake of appointing of the plant and infusion of capacity to the network.


Subsidy Eligibility Criteria for Surya Gujarat RRT (Residential RoofTop) Scheme:

The solar subsidy will be accessible to Residential Homeowners, Group Housing Society (GHS) and
Private Welfare Association (RWA) on introducing on-matrix planetary groups as it were.

  • For Residential on-matrix sunlight-based projects up to 3 KW will meet all requirements for an endowment of 40%.
  • For Residential Rooftop Solar Installations over 3 KW, and up to 10 KW will get a sponsorship of 40% for the initial 3 KW and 20% for the excess limit, and
  • For Residential Rooftop Solar Installations over 10 kW, the endowment will be 40% for the initial 3 KW and 20% for the leftover 7 KW. Be that as it may, there’s no sponsorship past 10 KW limit.
  • For Group Housing Societies/Residential Welfare Associations (GHS/RWA), the appropriation will be 20% of Solar Power Plant Capacity for Common Facilities of that GHS/RWA like waterworks, lifts, streetlamps, rec center, pool, garden, and so on. The limit qualified for the
  • sponsorship to GHS/RWA will be restricted to 10 KW for each house and the complete will not surpass 500 KW per GHS/RWA, with as far as possible being comprehensive of individual roof establishes as of now introduced by individual occupants in that GHS/RWA at the hour of the establishment of RTS for normal movement
  • For Extension of existing Solar Power Plant on Rooftop is likewise qualified for Subsidy up to 10 KW of absolute limit of Power Plant, 40% sponsorship on the stretched out limit with respect to up to add up to limit of 3 KW and 20% endowment on the expanded limit with regards to adding up to the limit in the scope of more noteworthy than 3 KW to up to 10 KW.
  • The appropriation will be on the premise of least or most reduced of one or the other 1. PV Solar Modules DC limit or 2. Inverter AC Capacity.
  • The appropriation will be on the premise of least or most reduced of one or the other 1. Found Rate through Tender Serious Bidding Process of MGVCL or 2. MNRE Bench Mark Cost according to PV Plant limit pieces/range.
  • Impanelled Partner ought to charge just equilibrium of the task cost, barring CFA (Central Monetary Assistance) sum or say barring Subsidy Amount, from the buyer/recipient. The extent of permissible CFA (Subsidy Amount) will be dispensed by particular DISCOMS and under the direction of MGVCL/GUVNL to the impaneled merchant straightforwardly after effective dispatching of the sun-powered project according to
  • MNRE Operational Guidelines gave vide OM No. 318/331/2017-Grid Connected Rooftop Dated twentieth August 2020 and their alterations.
Gujarat Solar Subsidy for households and groups

DisCom Target Allocation for Surya Gujarat Solar RRT Scheme:

Surya Gujarat Solar RRT Subsidy Scheme has been sent off with a 1000 MW (1 GW) sunlight-based powerplant able to be sent across Urban and Rural Areas of Gujarat. Gujarat has 5 DisComs’ (DGVCL, MGVCL, UGVCL, PGVCL, Torrent-Ahmedabad/Surat) across Gujarat State, Under Surya Gujarat Subsidy Scheme, (Solar Subsidy Gujarat)  following the objective allotted to DisCom for Solar Power Plant Capacity with nos. of Consumers to be helped through Subsidy Scheme. There will be around 2,32,000 shoppers going to help benefit through Subsidy conspire.

Gujarat Solar Subsidy list

The above project cost is barring the accompanying:

  • GST at 13.8% (12% for 70% of the cost and 18% for 30% of the expense)
  • High Rise Structure other than as determined in delicate
  • Any Customization expected by the recipient is excluded from the delicate particular
  • Meter Cost and Discom charges
  • Some other charges, liasioning and so on as commonly concurred between merchant and recipient for the administrations not the piece of delicate detail.


Appropriation or Central Financial Assistance (CFA) will be given as a level of benchmark cost or cost found through the aggressive cycle, whichever is lower). For instance, at the hour of offering the Benchmark cost for project limit of >3 KW – 10 KW was 40,991/KWp and the L1 rates for JVVNL and AVVNL/JdVVL are 40,991/KW and 41990/KW separately. Subsequently, the sponsorship will be given on 40,991/KW for all the three Discoms, Hence, the basic Subsidy Calculation would be:

40% up to 3 KW, and that implies for the piece up to 3KW the sponsorship per KW= Rs.16,396.4

20% over 3 KW and up to 10 KW: for residual limit, the appropriation per KW=8198.2

Simply speaking: For the undertaking of 3 KW: endowment would be = Rs. 16,396.4 X3 Rs 49189.2/For any venture over 3 KW, the appropriation would be (49189.2)+ (Project Size-3) X 8198.2

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