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How much does Solar Panel Installation Cost in India?

A Solar PV system is a system whose function is to generate electricity using sunlight and supply electricity to the load when required. In order to achieve this objective, many components are connected together in a solar PV system, other than PV modules. So the solar panel installation cost depends upon the solar system type and components used in Solar Panel Installation.

There are many ways in which PV modules and loads can be connected together in PV systems. The type of connection depends on the type of loads, the availability of the grid and other power generators, etc. Solar PV systems can broadly be divided into three categories,

  • Off–Grid System
  • On-Grid System
  • Hybrid System

Off–Grid Solar System Installation Cost –

There are many locations in India where the electricity grid is not available. In this case, if we need to design a power system, solar PV modules will be only source of the power supply. These type of solar systems are known as Off-grid PV systems.

These solar systems are located near the load center and are dedicated to meeting all the electric loads of a specific set of loads. It is most relevant and successful in remote and rural areas having no access to grid supply.

How much does Solar Panel Installation Cost in India?

In this system, if the load needs to be operated in the nighttime, there has to be some storage system. Therefore, batteries play an important role in off-grid systems.

On-Grid Solar System Installation Cost

A grid is a network of transmission lines or wires from various parts of power plants to our homes and industries. All are may be seeing the electricity grid every day. The existing electricity grid also can be used for transferring the power generated by a large solar PV power plant. In the on-grid systems, the power generated by the solar PV modules is fed into the existing electricity grid and that is why they are called grid-connected PV systems. This system does not consume power and they do not need power during the night hours. So, in grid-connected solar PV plants, a storage system is not required.

Hybrid System: –

The PV modules generate power when sunlight is falling on it. The solar PV system can generate power during day time only but at night it can not generate Power. To fulfill the load requirement during the night, we use a battery bank system. But the use of a battery bank increases the cost of the system significantly and also reduces its reliability because it requires maintenance.

So to supply power during non-sunshine hours we have to use another power generating units. The other power-generating unit could be a diesel generator, windmill, fuel cell, etc. In this way, a system will have two power-generating units; one is PV power and the other could be any other power-generating unit. There can be more than two power-generating units connected to System is called Hybrid System. In this way, Hybrid systems are basically used to increase the reliability of load operation.

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