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Solar Insurance: Do It Yourself

solar insurance do it youself

Do you know, that you can do the insurance process of your solar solution on your own from your mobile and laptop?
Now in this article, we will understand this process and we will also see what documents you need for this.

First, you need to understand that if you have a solar installed at your place or you will get it installed in the future, this is an investment that will for sure give you a return. While installing a solar solution you do a lot of research, the solar installer provides you with a performance warranty but what about the external damages? No one takes guarantees of the external damages caused by any natural calamity or any accident caused by animals or theft. Any of such incidents are out of the scope of warranty, guarantee, AMC, and CMC. You can also verify this information from your dealer or your service provider. When you will ask them what can be done in this scenario, they will also tell you the same thing, that is Insurance. This is because only insurance covers any natural calamity, theft of solar panels, or any external damage that happened due to any reason.

Who provides Solar Insurance?

The insurance is provided by Oriental Insurance which is a general insurance company. The insurance comes under the fire policy.

One important thing you need to know is that this insurance is only for the solar on-grid rooftop solution. Any other solution like solar water pump, solar off-grid system. Solar home lighting kits, street lighting kits, or solar cockers are not included. We will let you know if any insurance policy comes for them.

Also, all these policies are just like any other insurance policy where you have to renew it annually. The best thing about this insurance solution is that it’s not just for new users, but also for those who have up to 3 years of old solar solutions.


How to get Solar insurance for your solar rooftop system?

Go to  https://www.enerzy.ai/solar-insurance?rcode=PASSION

Here you will get 2 options. One is for a general customer who is the owner of the solar solution and the other is for the installer. If you are a solar installer, then you can choose this installer option and sell the solar insurance to your customer.

Solar Insurance

Click on the “Get Free Quote”

Submit your mobile number

Solar Insurance do it yourself

Submit the OPT for mobile verification

The system will ask for your Pin code. You need to provide the pin code of the place where your system is installed

Solar rooftop insurance

Here system will ask you the cost of your solar solution. Here you have to add that amount this will there on your GST bill. Avoid any mismatch in the cost of the solar solution as it will impact the cost of insurance of your solution

rooftop solar system insurance

Once you have submitted your amount, you will be redirected to a page where you will get all the details about the insurance provided by the energy solution. 

oriental solar insurance

You can see all the risk protection you get in your insurance including terrorism.

Apart from that you also get remote solar maintenance consultancy. This means they will guide and educate you about how to do the maintenance of your solar solution.

So basically it’s not just the insurance that you are getting, but you are getting a package that also includes the remote maintenance consultancy for your solar system.

After verifying all the things you and pay online.

While paying for the insurance, the system will ask you to upload the bill of your solar solution to match the price.
Once the online payment is done you will get a confirmation message along with the lead time of the insurance process.

You will get 2 copies from the insurance company, one for fire protection and the other for burglary which you can download and keep a hard copy with yourself.

Now we believe you have full information about how to get your solar insurance. 

For further details, you can watch this video


Go to  https://www.enerzy.ai/solar-insurance?rcode=PASSION

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