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Maharashtra Solar Policy

Maharashtra Solar Policy

Unconventional Energy Generation Policy 2020

Part-1 – State’s diverse and renewable (unconventional) energy For projects involving transmission of semen generation from sources Integrated Policy-2020 and Part-II-State Distributable and Renewable Transmission of semen generated from (unconventional) energy sources Integrated Strategy for Projects- 2020.

Government of Maharashtra

Department of Industry, Energy and Labour,

Governing Decision No. : APAU-2020/P.No.137/ENERGY-7

Hutatta Rajguru Chowk, Dada Kada Road, Hindustan, Mumbai

Date : 31st December,2

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3) Haryana Energy Development Authority, Pune’s Crisis: Energy / Conservation / Government Management / 2020-21 /1947, dated 28/07/2020

Proposal: –

Due to increasing industrialization and urbanization in the state, the consumption of conventional electricity is increasing day by day is this energy is being generated from coal, pyrolysis, and aerospace energy resources these resources are in the form of resources and are about to expire. Excessive use of such energy sources there is a small increase in air pollution. This has led to an increase in global warming and adverse effects of climate change everybody has to suffer according to the Paris Agreement, 40 per cent of the national energy needs by 2030. The petitioner has shown commitment to borrow from the fuel source.

The central government will consider the importance of renewable and non-conventional energy sources by 2022. 175 gigawatt it is intended to generate as much energy as it can to generate unconventional energy sources. It has 100 RW power generation by solar energy, 60 RW of wind power and the remaining 15 RW of power generation is unconventional will be done by energy source. To fulfill the requirements within the required period the participation of the state will be important. Considering the potential of power generation from available energy sources in the state efforts need to be made to implement unconventional energy projects of 25000 KW area by 2025.

The energy generated from alternative energy sources is comparable to that of conventional energy generation to increase this, the government has been pursuing a policy on non-conventional energy generation since 1995 under this policy, the unconventional energy project of 9305 KW area was implemented by the end of 2020, 31st study the project with a total area of ​​2123 kW is in progress for implementation. This is unconventional there is a lot of scope in the state in the field of energy generation.

Maharashtra state Empaneled Vendor list: Click here to view the list

Maharashtra DISCOMs Official Websites:

Adani Electricity Mumbai Limited – https://www.adanielectricity.com/RooftopSolar

Brihanmumbai Electric Supply & Transport (BEST) – http://bestundertaking.net:82/

Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd – https://www.mahadiscom.in/ismart/

Tata Power Co. Ltd – https://cp.tatapower.com/sap/bc/ui5ui5/sap/ztatapowerserv/index.html#/SolarNetMe

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