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Gujarat Solar Policy 

The Government of Gujarat (State) recognizes the growing impacts of climate change at local and national levels and has taken various policy initiatives to mitigate the effects. 

State I has a significant potential of solar energy resources due to its topography and has witnessed the deployment of both large-scale and distributed solar PV systems indigenously. Since the inception of Solar Energy in 2009 and the subsequent revision in 2015 and 2019, the State has installed over 3,200 MW of solar PV technology across all segments until 2020.

To align with India’s ambitious solar PV capacity expansion program, the State envisages accelerating the deployment of solar power by means of the implementation of large-scale projects, small-scale distributed systems, and the establishment of ultra mega solar parks. These targets will be achieved by introducing new mechanisms that will support consumers, businesses, and developers in the sector.

Objectives of Gujarat Solar Power Policy

Accordingly, the State Government introduces the “Gujarat Solar Power Policy 2021” with the following objectives:

1. To rapidly scale up the state’s solar energy capacity in order to contribute to India’s overall renewable energy targets keeping in mind India’s commitments under international climate agreements.

2. to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels and further energy security in the State.

3. To further the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of Gujarat.

4. Employment generation and skill enhancement and promotion of local manufacturing facilities.

5. To establish core technical competence in professionals by promoting research, development, deployment and innovation in the solar energy sector.

6. To spread awareness about solar power technologies amongst all the electricity consumers.

7. To create an investment-friendly environment that can provide a win-win situation for all stakeholders in the Power Sector.

The vision of the Gujarat Solar Power Policy 

The State intends to meet its sustainable development goals by advancing the development of solar energy in a manner that would position it as a mainstream source of energy supply as well as a primary contributor to the national target of 100 GW Solar Capacity by 2022 as part of India’s Global Commitment.

Gujrat state empaneled Vendor list:

Read About Solar  Subsidy For Gujarat: https://www.solarismypassion.com/blog-detail/Solar-Subsidy-Gujarat

View Gujarat Subsidy Full Document: https://bit.ly/3dJ79En

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Gujarat DISCOM Website:

For Subsidy :

Dakshin Gujarat Vij Co.Ltd (DGVCL) – https://suryagujarat.guvnl.in 

Madhya Gujarat VIJ Company Ltd. – https://suryagujarat.guvnl.in   

Paschim Gujarat Vij Co. Limited – https://suryagujarat.guvnl.in 

Torrent Power Limited – Ahmedabad – https://suryagujarat.guvnl.in   

Torrent Power Limited – Surat – https://suryagujarat.guvnl.in 

Uttar Gujarat Vij Company Limited – https://suryagujarat.guvnl.in   

For Non-Subsidy :
For all DISCOMs: https://geda.ahasolar.in/

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