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Assam Solar Policy

Assam Solar Policy

The government of India has set a target of installing 40 GW Grid Connected Solar Rooftop systems in the country by the year 2022. Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE) has allocated 250 MW Grid Connected Solar Rooftop projects in the state of Assam by the year 2022. Out of 250 MW, MNRE has sanctioned 14 MW Grid Connected Solar Rooftop Programme to Assam Energy Development Agency to implement the project in the state of Assam for the year 2017-2018 with 70% subsidy for Residential, Institutional (Non-Govt.) and Social Sectors Institutes.


It is envisaged under this policy to leverage solar energy potential of the State of Assam for augmenting the installed solar power capacity by deploying resources provisioned under state and central schemes, policies and programmes.


The State Government of Assam aims to fulfill its commitments under Sustainable Development Goals by promoting clean, accessible, affordable, and equitable solar energy availability to ensure energy security for its citizens, as well as facilitate meeting of renewable energy obligations placed by MNRE and the AERC on various obligated entities. 

Title of the Policy 

The Policy shall be known as the “Assam Solar Energy Policy, 2017” and it wall come into force from the date of its publication in official Gazette

Objective of the Programme:  

  • To promote the grid-connected SPV rooftop power generating plants among the residential, community, institutional, industrial and commercial establishments. 
  • To mitigate the dependence on fossil fuel-based electricity generation and encourage environmental friendly Solar electricity generation. 
  • To create enabling environment for investment in the solar energy sector by private sector, state government and the individuals. 
  • To create enabling environment for the supply of solar power from rooftop plants to the grid. 
  • To encourage innovation in addressing market needs and promoting sustainable business models and ensure employment opportunities. 
  • To provide support to channel partners and potential beneficiaries, within the the framework of boundary conditions and in a flexible demand driven mode. 
  • To create a paradigm shift needed for the commoditization of grid-connected SPV rooftop applications. 
  • To support consultancy services, seminars, symposia, capacity building, awareness campaigns, human resource development, etc. 
  • To encourage replacement of diesel, wherever possible.
  • Regulatory framework of Assam solar energy policy
  • Section 108 of the Electricity Act, 2003 empowers the state Government to give directions to the regulator in the matter of policy and accordingly AERC shall be guided by this policy while formulation of rules and regulations. Also, other prevailing rules, regulations, policies, guidelines of MoP/CEA/CERC/MNRE/DIPP wherever applicable and pertaining to safe and efficient generation, t.ansmission and distribution of solar power shall act as guiding principles upto their respective effective date.
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