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What Is Virtual Net Metering?

What Is Virtual Net Metering?

Virtual net metering can be considered an arrangement where people without suitable roofs can access solar energy and enjoy the solar net-metering facility. In these agreements, the solar energy system is generally collectively owned and generates power fed into the grid. The meter attached to this connection will record the consumed and exported energy levels from and to the grid, thus satisfying demand for all connected to the system while offering credits to the electricity bill.

Virtual net metering vs. regular net metering: what’s the difference?

In order to dive in addition into this new and particularly appealing sun incentive, we need to define applicable standards which can be cited above: everyday internet metering and community-shared sun.

The term network sun refers to an alternative to rooftop solar for owners who both don’t qualify to have sun established on their roof or would choose not to have their own personal solar panels. Community sun is also once in a while known as “shared sun,” in which owners together pay for a solar machine that provides power to more than one family.

You can think about network solar as something that house owners “subscribe” to. A big-scale, off-site solar panel setup will typically provide available power to masses of homeowners. In many instances, a network solar array may be constructed to electricity a whole neighborhood or city. A resident can either personal most of the community array’s solar panels or rent them so as to get discounted strength rates without having to make any front purchase. Issues like protection, warranties, and device aren’t an aspect of network solar, because all of these factors are dealt with by the owner.

Net metering is a sun incentive in which owners receive credits for the extra power that their solar panels produce. Because the extra power is delivered to the grid, net metering can be thought of as a sun storage answer that permits you to push and pull strength to and from the grid while not having to pay greater for a domestic battery to provide backup.

Virtual net metering is an innovative way to promote the adoption of solar energy by making it accessible to a larger number of consumers. It also helps to reduce the overall cost of solar power systems by allowing multiple users to share the benefits of a single installation. By encouraging the use of renewable energy sources like solar, virtual net metering can contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating the impact of climate change.

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