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Solar Battery Price in India 2023

Solar battery price in india 2023

In this article, we are going to explore the solar battery price in India 2023 and what factors you should choose a battery.

Solar energy has become a popular source of electricity in India, and its popularity is growing as more people realize how affordable it is to install panels at home or work.

Batteries are required for an off-grid solar power system to store energy during power outages or low lighting conditions.

The voltage and ampere-hours of solar batteries determine their ratings. Customers in India are uninformed of the cost of solar batteries, and we hope to fill that knowledge gap in this post.

Solar Battery Price by Manufacturers in India 2023

Solar battery manufacturers in India are divided into two categories: those that manufacture items locally and those that sell international/foreign brands. 

The Indian market has always been a mix of these two, and this is still the case with solar batteries.

State governments in India, on the other hand, frequently grant subsidies for solar equipment, including batteries. You can only get this discount if you buy from an Indian company. Today, there is a widespread belief that international brands produce higher-quality solar batteries. While this may have been the case a few years ago, Indian brands have shown to be just as effective now.

ManufacturerMinimum PriceMaximum Price
Exide Solar BatteryRs. 3,100Rs. 17,900
Luminous Solar BatteryRs. 2,800Rs. 12,800
Patanjali Solar BatteryRs. 4,200Rs. 13,100
Su-Kam Solar BatteryRs. 2,700Rs. 12,750

Many companies, such as Tata Solar Power, Emmvee Solar, and others, also offer solar batteries at affordable costs. It’s amazing to see that worldwide solar brands’ costs aren’t all that far from those in India. A Panasonic solar battery with an output of 80 Ah, for example, will cost you back around Rs. 6000-7000.

Please keep in mind that the prices in the table above are estimates for batteries that are compatible with both monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels.

Solar Battery Price in India by Storage Capacity (AH)

Solar batteries are rated and priced based on their capacity, which is measured in ampere-hours or AH, as previously stated. A solar battery’s capacity can range from 20 amp-hours to 300 amp-hours. The price of batteries based on their voltage varies from one brand to the next, but the difference is minor. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of solar battery pricing depending on brand and voltage. The costs may vary depending on where you buy it, whether it’s in a store or online.

Exide Solar Battery Price

Exide is a battery manufacturer based in Kolkata that produces everything from car batteries to solar batteries. Exide solar batteries are designed to store solar energy efficiently and provide backup power to your home or office during power outages.

CapacityModelWeight (in Kg)Price (in Rs.)
20 AH6LMSL20143100
40 AH6LMSL40264100
60 AH6LMS60285900
75 AH6LMS75326800
100 AH6LMS100L558300
120 AH6LMS120L599200
150 AH6LMS150L6311500
200 AH6LMS200L7513100
300 AH6LMS3008617900

Luminous Solar Battery Price

Luminous is a well-known solar energy company that produces some of the most cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions for both home and commercial applications. Their solar products are long-lasting, high-quality, and function well. In India, luminous solar batteries are equally efficient and popular.

CapacityModelWeight (in Kg)Price (in Rs.)
20 AHLPT1220H152800
40 AHLPT1240H253700
75 AHLPT1275H376000
100 AHLPT12100H547800
120 AHLPT12120H548900
150 AHLPT12150H5711700
200 AHLPT12200 AH6412800

Patanjali Solar Battery Price

Patanjali Solar is a Patanjali franchise that produces ayurvedic items such as toothpaste and face cleansers. Patanjali Renewable Energy Private Limited produces solar PV modules, solar batteries, solar inverters, solar street lights, and other solar-related products. The costs of Patanjali batteries are slightly higher than those of other brands, as seen in the table below.

CapacityModelWeight (in Kg)Price (in Rs.)
40 AHPTB-4000T264200
75 AHPTB-7500T326900
100 AHPTB-10000T558400
150 AHPTB-15000T6311400
160 AHPTB-16000iT6512900
200 AHPTB-20000T7513100

Su-Kam Solar Battery Price

Sukam Solar, one of India’s major solar enterprises, is well-known for its solar energy products such as batteries. The batteries are reasonably priced, and Sukam’s outstanding quality adds to the appeal.

CapacityModelWeight (in Kg)Price (in Rs.)
20 AH12v/20ah152700
40 AH12v/40ah263600
75 AH12v/75ah385900
80 AH12v/80ah416300
100 AH12v/100ah567800
120 AH12v/120ah618700
150 AH12v/150ah6511750
200 AH12v/200ah7312750

Factors Influencing Solar Battery Price 

Solar batteries have grown in popularity among Indians since they can store excess energy that you may send to the electric grid in exchange for credits or utilize when you experience power outages at home. These batteries ensure a steady supply of energy to run your appliances and make the most of your solar panels. Solar batteries are available from a variety of manufacturers. Before you spend your money on them, you should consider a few things that affect solar battery prices and solar batteries in general. These will assist you in making better decisions.

Battery Life:

The battery life of a solar battery is the most important consideration to make before purchasing one. A battery’s life span varies between five and fifteen years, depending on the type and quality of the solar battery. However, as solar batteries become more prevalent in Indian markets, their battery life is projected to improve. The advancement of technology will help with this.

Numerous excellent solar battery brands provide a long warranty and guarantee duration. This makes your purchase more worthwhile because you know the battery will last a long time and that if something goes wrong within the warranty term, the firm will take care of it.

Household Electrical Demand and Storage Capacity:

This is yet another critical aspect that determines the cost of solar batteries. Given our modern lifestyle, we have electronic appliances throughout our homes, which account for the majority of our household’s electricity consumption. We utilize products such as heaters, computers, refrigerators, lights, fans, and air conditioners, all of which consume a lot of energy.

The higher the electricity demand of your home, the bigger the storage capacity of the solar batteries will be required, which will affect the battery’s price. To cut down on energy consumption, try using more gas appliances. You might not require a battery that can power all of your equipment.

Most people desire batteries that will enable them to share the load with the grid utility to save money and have extra energy for power outages, among other things. Smaller batteries and solar panels are perfect for this use. By replacing older appliances with newer, more energy-efficient ones, you may save a lot of money on energy.

Depth of Discharge:

The phrase “depth of discharge” refers to the amount of battery capacity that can be consumed before the solar battery’s specified life expectancy is exceeded. This provides you an indication of how much capacity you can use before the battery’s efficiency and performance begins to deteriorate. When purchasing a battery, be sure it has a high depth of discharge rating.

The greater the rating, the more capacity you’ll be able to use to power your home appliances. Higher DOD batteries are automatically more expensive, and this is how the pricing is influenced.


The power rating is another important component that influences the pricing of solar batteries. The energy output capacity of the battery is displayed via this important component. The measurement used to measure the power rating is kW or kilowatts. The higher the power rating, the more efficient the battery’s performance, and hence the higher the price.

Round Trip Efficiency:

Individuals wanting to acquire a solar battery are often unfamiliar with terms like round trip efficiency. However, if you want to acquire a solar battery that fits your budget and other needs, you should be familiar with these words. The difference between the quantity of energy required to charge the battery and the amount of energy accessible is known as round trip efficiency.

The round trip efficiency, like the depth of discharge rating, is desirable if it is high since it provides higher operating efficiency. The price of the solar battery is also affected by this rating. However, we recommend that you avoid compromising on these ratings to save money. In the long term, it will be fruitless.


The warranty offered by a solar battery is the final element to consider before making a purchase. A solar battery is a one-time purchase, so make sure you get one that is both durable and long-lasting. Any manufacturing flaws or other issues must be covered under the warranty.

Solar panels can last up to 30 years, but solar batteries only last 5 to 15 years. Many brands sell batteries for a very low price, but they come with no warranty or a very short warranty period. If the state of warranty supplied is so bad, don’t be persuaded by the price. Make sure the solar battery you buy has at least a 5-year warranty. The longer the warranty, the better, as it indicates that the battery is of high quality and long-lasting.

We hope this article can provide you with all the answers you were looking for regarding solar batteries.

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