Unveiling the Hidden Secrets of Virtual Net Metering

1. Virtual Net Metering (VNM) allows multiple customers to share the benefits of a single solar power system, even if they don't have the panels installed on their own property.

2. VNM is a game-changer for renters and low-income households who previously couldn't access the benefits of solar power.

3. VNM is not just limited to solar power but can also be used with other distributed energy resources (DERs) such as wind turbines and fuel cells.

4. VNM 9 Virtual Net Meteris regulated at the state level, and not all states have implemented it yet.

5. VNM can help utility companies meet their renewable energy goals without having to invest in expensive infrastructure.

6. VNM can reduce the strain on the electrical grid by allowing customers to generate their own energy and reduce their reliance on the grid.

7. VNM can help reduce energy bills for customers who participate by offsetting their energy use with the power generated by the shared solar system.

8. VNM allows customers to receive credit for excess energy they generate that is not used on-site, which can be applied to future bills.

9. VNM can help promote community solar projects, which benefit multiple customers in a single neighborhood or community.

10. VNM can be a complex system to set up, requiring careful coordination between utility companies, project developers, and participating customers.

11. VNM programs often have caps on the number of participants, which can limit the potential impact of the program.

12. VNM can be a valuable tool for promoting renewable energy adoption and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

13. VNM can help to decentralize the energy system, giving more control to individuals and communities.

14. VNM can help reduce energy poverty by providing access to affordable, clean energy for low-income households.