Solar Rooftop System Subsidy in India – FY 2023-24

Plant Capacity Up to 3 kW

Applicable Subsidy Rs. 14588/- per kW

Above 3 kW and up to 10 kW

Rs. 14588/- per kW for first 3 kW and thereafter Rs. 7294/- per kW

Above 10 kW

Applicable Subsidy Rs. 94822/- fixed

Resident Welfare Associations/Group Housing Societies (RWA/GHS) – Rs. 7294/kW for common facilities up to 500 kWp @ 10 kWp per house.

Some common instances when Subsidy under Rooftop Solar (RTS) Ph-II programme is not applicable:



If RTS plants are installed by the such Vendors who are not empanelled by the DISCOMs.

Is not applicable



If RTS plants have been installed before the launching of the scheme they will not get subsidy.

Is not applicable



If RTS plants are installed in any consumer category other than Residential.

Is not applicable

Know How to Apply for Solar Subsidy