Waaree Solar:  Powering the World with Sustainable Energy

Waaree Solar is a leading solar panel manufacturer and EPC player in India that is driving the country's solar revolution.

Waaree Solar's Journey

Waaree Solar was founded in 1989 in Mumbai, India, as a manufacturer of electrical cables and wires.

In 2007, the company started producing solar PV modules, and in 2012, it became the first Indian solar module manufacturer to be awarded the prestigious IEC 61215 certification.

Since then, Waaree Solar has grown to become one of the largest solar panel manufacturers in India, with a presence in over 350 cities globally.

Waaree Solar's Products and Services

Waaree Solar's products have helped to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable energy practices.

The company has installed over 3 GW of solar PV systems globally, which is equivalent to powering over 2.5 million homes.

Waaree Solar has also played a significant role in promoting solar energy in rural areas, providing clean energy solutions to off-grid communities.

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